Warrington Lawn Care

Welcome to Cheshire Lawn Doctor, your Warrington lawn care service. Our mission is to ensure you have a green and healthy lawn all through the year. With strong technical expertise in lawn care, we offer efficient and affordable lawn care services.


Professional Lawn Care in Warrington

Healthy lawns are a feast for the senses, but they demand effort and time. From the right methods of mowing the lawn to watering it and de-weeding, a lot goes into lawn care. Let our expert lawn treatments Warrington service take care of your lawn for best results.

In fact, lawn care differs from season to season.

For instance, when the cold soil begins to warm up towards the end of winter, weeds begin to dominate healthy grass. We spray organic herbicides to check the growth of weeds without affecting the growth of grass. We treat the soil with the right mix of fertilisers and nutrients.

During summers, the lawns face threats from air-borne weeds. In summer time, we treat lawns with slow releasing fertilisers. These fertilisers strengthen and nourish the grass for up to thirteen weeks.

Such appropriate seasonal treatment keeps your lawn healthy and strong all year. Contact us today to hire a Warrington gardener.

How We Work

We follow a scientific process. Before we begin treatment, we inspect your lawn. We analyse the soil type and the current condition of your lawn. We also look for presence of any diseases and unwanted growth in the lawn.  

We present you a detailed report along with a quote. Our report presents the findings of our initial inspection. It also includes the course of action. We recommend the most appropriate lawn care treatment and solution.

Once you approve, our lawn care Warrington experts start work on your garden.

Warrington Gardener Services

– Spring winter lawn care

– Summer lawn care

– Autumn lawn care

– Winter lawn care

– Lawn Scarification

– Spiking & Aeration

– Grass disease management

– Fungi Control

– Pest control

– Over-seeding

– Bare patch lawn repairs

4 Reasons to Choose Cheshire Lawn Doctor’s

– Expert professionals with experience in all-season lawn care

– Licensed weed control service

– End to end lawn care solutions

– Prompt service at all times

Our lawn care services are much more affordable and effective when compared to DIY treatments. Contact us today or call 07798718569 for expert lawn care solutions.